1. What kind of photos do you take?
My true passion lies in capturing special moments for couples. Proposals, engagement sessions, weddings, anniversary sessions etc. I find that when I'm passionate about what I'm shooting, it comes through in my work. I am currently taking a select FEW number of family sessions. 

2. Where should I have my session? 
Some place that is meaningful to you! Did you meet there? Go to school there? What about got engaged there? As for my personal preference, I adore wide open areas in nature. I like tall grass, hills, and sweeping fields! If you don't have any idea, I'd be happy to give you some suggestions! 

3.What should I wear? 
Oh man. I get asked this one a lot. First, think about your session. Are you going for something that is super nautical by the water? Then, a super formal outfit might not be your first choice. You want your outfit to compliment the setting you're in and the style you're going for. (I love Pinterest, so feel free to show me some outfits!) LAYERS! It allows you to change up your outfit fairly quickly, to get a fresh look. And bring options (for either a total outfit change, or in case you change your mind last minute!). Avoid uber, matchy matchy. You know what I mean. Compliment one another. If you're wearing bold patterns, your partner should wear something more subdued. Patterns are wonderful, just keep it under control! 

4. Makeup?? 
Ladies, wear your usual makeup with a little extra oomph! You might think it looks like a lot but on camera, it doesn't seem as strong as you would think. (I wore fake, natural looking, but still fake eyes lashes for my own engagement session, and let me tell you, my eyes looked stunning!) If you are having your hair and makeup done for your wedding, its always a good idea to schedule your engagement session for the same day, so you can see how it will photograph on the day of your wedding! Oh and nail polish! Either have your nails freshly painted, or completely bare. Chipped nails aren't cute, and I do like to do some detail shots, so give your fingers some attention! 

I don't mind at all if you bring something special that accents your relationship. Do you have an old photo of the two of you? Or what about a sign with your wedding date? Some other fun props include bubbles, balloons, and champagne! If you have a lot of ideas, try to limit it to 2-3. Your session should be about you, not a mismatch of different objects! 

6. Can we bring our pet?
Dogs are part of our families, and they are special to us! Of course you can bring your loved one. We must double check that wherever you are planning to have your session allows dogs. Also, please bring a friend or family member who can mind the dog while there are shots that the dog isn't in. Don't forget the treats and poop bags! 

7. So how many pictures do I get? 
This is a big one. Every photographer has a different business model. Some charge a very small sitting fee, and then you pay per photo you want. Here's my philosophy, if I went to the effort of taking the photo, why shouldn't you get to have it? So my fee includes the shooting time, editing, and access to all your photos with reproduction rights. That being said, for every hour of shooting, you get about 80-100 tastefully curated, fine art photos, presented in an online gallery to share with your family and friends. 


Did I miss anything? Shoot me an email!