Thanksgiving | Personal

This is my favorite time of year. I love being surrounded by all our family and friends. This year is the first Thanksgiving we are engaged and we decided we were going to do all the holidays with both families (ambitious I know). In the past we have been primarily separate as to make the holidays easier on everyone (but I really missed Bryce and I think he missed me too!). So our Thanksgiving schedule was as follows: Wednesday night up to Bryce's parents (in the snow!!), Thanksgiving lunch at 12, then off to my family at 2 for Thanksgiving dinner #2 at 4! By the time we got home last night we were so exhausted (and full) but with our hearts so happy. Below are a few snapshots of our holiday! Its amazing what a tripod (or monopod stuck in the snow because someone forgot the tripod-ahem Bryce) and a timer can do! You might even see one of these again on our Christmas card...! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of family, friends, and food! I know how blessed I feel that we are surrounded by such wonderful people!