One Year | A Deeply Personal Post

They said it takes time. They said it will happen. They said be patient. 

For a year I had been debating really committing myself to Emily Jane Photography. She had been this little thing in the back of my mind that kept popping up. What if I fail? Will anyone take me seriously? What if I get no clients? And somewhere along those questions and fears, I decided to just go for it. I tell you friends, its been a year. There are moments that aren't pretty. I'm still learning so much. How do you ever stop? I recently read on another photographer's blog (I think it was Jasmine Star, but don't quote me on that) about new photographers being scared to consider themselves a photographer. I felt like she was speaking right to me! Can I consider myself a photographer without the most amazing website (it takes time), without shooting a client every week, shooting a wedding? The shooting a wedding one really had me hung up. Would anyone take me seriously if I wasn't booking weddings? This sounds crazy when said out loud but I had this ridiculous thought that I will finally consider myself a photog once I shoot a wedding. Which is preposterous. This year I've shot portrait sessions, best friends, a maternity session, families, and engagement sessions. And drum roll please......I've booked my first wedding for 2015. That was a leap of faith. I've been asked several times before but didn't accept until it felt right. They said it will happen.  
And it did. In my heart, I knew taking on this wedding was exactly right for me. 

                                          The Emily Jane Wedding Experience 

                                                          Emily Jane Brides

Those words make me want to cry. Big happy tears. Tears that say why did you ever doubt yourself? All things come at the right time. 

I love every last minute of what I do. I love emailing with a new client, I love scoping out a new location, actually shooting (right as the sun goes down and everything is glowy and romantic), editing and delivering my photos. I don't think people always realize how much goes into photography. I take pride in my work and feel scared when I hand over images. I've worked hard through the whole process to make sure my client gets the best. And that moment when you hand them over is a frightening one. What if they hate them? I want them to love them. As I love them. I could stare at certain pictures for hours and watch out the light plays up different aspects of the composition. How does that picture make me feel? When you no longer realize you're looking at a picture and you are just feeling whats in that picture, you know you have a fantastic image on your hands. That's what I strive for. Always. 

So thank you. Thank you a hundred times over. To everyone. There really aren't words to appropriately thank everyone (and I would need another blog post for each person). What a wonderful first year this has been and I can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer!