Weekend Getaway | Personal

Last weekend I planned a series of surprises for Bryce's birthday. I had so much fun getting it all together. We started the weekend off with a night at the most adorable bed and breakfast, The Hillbrook Inn. Even in the pouring rain it was gorgeous. I honestly felt like we were in the English countryside. Our room was perfect (you can't go wrong with a fireplace and king size bed.) Bryce loved it and was so surprised! It didn't end there though. I had scheduled a picnic and hike with friends who met us at Harpers Ferry! Finally we wrapped up with a BBQ at his parents with his extended family. I love birthdays. Its the one day that is completely all about you. That being said, I typically get really creative for birthdays. I had fun making the day (or weekend) special for Bryce and I'm thankful all the family and friends that helped :)