Emma | Personal

This has been a crazy couple of weeks! I finished up all my course work (now all I have left is my clinical rotations), took a trip to Colorado with Bryce (pictures to come soon) and now we have family in town for the 4th of July. A while back I bought a white tulle skirt that I knew would be amazing to photograph. I plan on wearing it myself for a special shoot in a few months but I really wanted to photography someone in it. My niece, Emma, was the perfect model! We snagged some quick shots before a thunderstorm started to roll in, in a field behind my parent's house. There was lots of twirls, and spins and smiles! While I was shooting, I knew that I wanted everything in black and white. It's just what I envisioned. Upon editing, I was not disappointed. Her pictures took my breath away! See for yourself!