August-September Update

I know. Its been too long. You all have been so patient with me. I just finished my first clinical rotation and I got behind on blogging! So much has happened from August on. 

First, WE GOT ENGAGED. Being the photographer that I am, I told Bryce before he proposed that whenever he did, I required either a video or photos of the whole thing. I wanted to be able to look back and show our kids. Well, Bryce set up his GoPro camera and video taped the whole thing (no I'm not sharing it. Social media doesn't need to see everything). We were hiking at the place we always went in college. I was playing around on some rocks by the water and he asked me if I saw any pretty ones, I said no. He proceeded to say, how about this one? And has the ring box in his hand when I turn around. Be still my heart. We set up the camera on a timer and snapped this pretty soon after it happened! 

Next came a fun infant shoot. Remember Anne's maternity shoot back in July? Well her sweet little girl made her debut! 

Now for the most recent shoot! A friend of mine is gearing up her yoga website and wanted to add some fun pictures to it! We had the BEST (guys, the BEST) glowy light while we shot. Bryce got some incredible silhouette photos at sunset. (I'm so thankful he's my second shooter).  I look forward to seeing Taylor's website up and running with some of these gorgeous shots of her in yoga poses. (Ps-she can hold these poses FOREVER. What a talented yogi she is!!)