Be Mine? | A non cheesy Valentine's post

So I know that most people fall into one of two categories regarding Valentine's Day. You either LOVE it (Pun intended) or you really hate it (even if you have a significant other). I get it. I really do. Its a whole day dedicated to love, all kinds of love, but love none the less. Which is fun and full of chocolate (I mean who doesn't love chocolate). At the same time, I understand the viewpoint that if you love someone, every day should be Valentine's Day. And if you aren't in a relationship, its a stinky reminder that you're not. 

So like I said, one of two camps. Except I have my foot in both (I'm a chronic middle of the road person). For the last 6 Valentine's I've been with Bryce. And let me tell you, they are not traditional. Our first one, Bryce gave me a box of cheese-its (if you know me, this is essentially as good as a marriage proposal) and a 6-pack of Hershey's chocolate bars. So he got the chocolate thing. Sort of. At the time I thought, "well that was odd, why not just a little box of truffles?" But what I love best about those 6 Hershey bars, was that they were totally Bryce all the way. He does things his own way, with his own twist. That initially often make me roll my eyes, but then (shh don't tell him) make me so happy because they are really genuine. Another stand-out Valentine's day was 2 years (yes I think 2..?) ago. He gave me flowers for the FIRST-TIME-EVER. And never again. He's an environmentalist. So I get no flowers (that's another post in and of itself. I do buy myself flowers though. Babe-if you are reading this, stop by and get some flowers on your way home tonight). But like the Hershey bars, the flowers are exactly his style. For which, I love him dearly. 

Anyways, I digress. Like usual. Sorry-just a trip down memory lane. I think it ties in. I guess what I'm trying to get at, is big romantic gesture (per Hallmark) or not, love is what you make it. Your style. Just like everything else in life. I think the problem everyone has with Valentine's Day isn't that it's about love, but rather our society's impression about what love "should" look like. Expensive gifts, ornate cards, dazzling flower arrangements. But love comes in so many different flavors, styles, shapes and colors (family, friends, dating, engaged, marriage and somewhere in between it all) that to try and make it fit in one mold doesn't work.  Some years I have gotten Bryce a gift (I think 2/6?). Others I just bought a card. And I have even made a card. Although, I feel certain last year we both decided (without telling one another) to skip a card. I have friends that def go all out. And I have friends that don't acknowledge it as anything more than the 14th of February. To each his own.  

I will say that my adorable mother still sends me Valentine's goodies. Because, not matter how old you are, when your mother sends you pink, heart shaped everything, it totally makes your day.  

So to tie up this super long post, I hope today is whatever you want it to be, however you want to spend it. But I hope you are happy.