Honeymoon Part I | Rome

I figured the easiest way to share photos is to break it down into places we went. This first installment of our honeymoon is Rome (the first time) days 1-3. 

Day 1: We arrived in Rome, dropped our bags at our Airbnb went and had lunch and created a game plan. We stayed in the most adorable town called, Trastevere and would absolutely go back. A gelato shop was 2 steps outside our door (Nocciola is my favorite!) With food (rice balls by the way are the most divine thing ever and you must try some!) and espresso in our bellies, off we went to the Colosseum. It was starting to get dark when we finished, so we decided to head back to our place to figure our dinner plans (Also, italians don't eat dinner earlier than 7. So don't try.)

Day 2: We got up early to go to the public mass at the Vatican. Which was very cool. Except it took much longer than anticipated. We got there at 8:40 for a supposed 9am start time. The Pope has a special audience at 9, and then he drives all around in his Pope-mobile so we actually got started about 10. By 10:30 we were only on the first and second readings (which obviously were all in Italian) so we decided to go get breakfast (paninis!) and visit the Vatican museum (which is really a 3 hour long tour instead the Vatican, ending in the Sistine Chapel). We never joined tour groups because they were so large, that we would never get through the things we wanted to see. Plus they were expensive. So half the time we didn't know what we were looking at in the Vatican. But it was beautiful and totally worth it (albeit much longer than we anticipated even in the off season). 

Day 3: We made our way to Naples with a train ride and another harrowing taxi experience. All to come in the next blog post!