Amanda & Mike | Couple

You might recognize Amanda and Mike from an earlier post (actually many posts, she’s my sister!) and this time around they were just as fun to photograph! It was a cold and blustery day but we managed to get some seriously great pictures out of it! It helps when your subjects are super photogenic and fun to be around. Every couple of seconds Mike was making Amanda laugh (which makes for GREAT pictures). Its easy to see why they are together. There is an ease about them that makes it seem like they have known each other for years. To top it off, I got to have Bryce with me acting as a second shooter and a heater for when my fingers got too cold I could hardly use my camera (I totally forgot to bring gloves-lesson learned as we head into the holidays!) I love when we get to do things together that we both have a passion about. He is more of a landscape artist and I am more lifestyle. We teach each other little tricks (not all photography is created equal!) and tips.