A day of Thanks

It has been a crazy busy couple of days, but that’s the way I prefer my holidays to be. I love getting to see all the people I care about and eating lots way too much food. In the 4 years Bryce and I have been together our holidays have always been spent separate because we felt it was easier on everyone. It’s hard to change holiday traditions and when both your families eat Thanksgiving “dinner” at 1pm its just simpler to say forget it. This year I decided I wanted to make it work that we both could be present at one another’s family Thanksgiving. I love my family, Bryce’s family and Bryce and I wanted to spend the holiday with all the people I love! To our families credit they were extremely flexible (my mom turned out a holiday meal faster than I have ever seen!). It meant we had to leave mine early, and get to his late BUT we saw everyone! This I consider no small feat. On our way home we stopped to take pictures of the sunset (It really pays to have a boyfriend who is also a photographer because he understands when you say “We HAVE to pull over NOW, the light is GORGEOUS”). I always forget to have my camera in my lap when we drive back from Bryce’s parents, and I always wish I do because for 20 minutes we drive through rolling farm land. This time I was prepared. I took some pictures from my car window as fast as I could because there was another car behind us! We have a little  lull for this evening and then we are back out tomorrow for our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm (If you know me at all, you know that my love of fall is only surpassed by my love of Christmas) and then an engagement party for a special friend. I feel eternally grateful to spend all this time with the people that stand by me and love me unconditionally.