'Tis the Season

I love the holidays. I have been playing Christmas music since October. I know, I KNOW. There are the purists out there who believe there must be no Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving, but preferably starting no sooner than December 1st. I love the joy that goes along with the holiday. How can anyone be sad when singing about snow, warm fires and cookies?! My holiday movie collection has grown considerably over the years. This year’s acquisition was The Santa Clause (The first movie, because that’s the only one that’s worth watching) and Christmas with the Kranks. My top favorites being Miracle on 34th Street (Remake), Polar Express and ELF!!! Oh how I love Buddy the Elf. I can recite all the lines of the movie and grin like a child as I do so.

Yesterday Bryce and I got our second tree together, but this year was very exciting because we went to the Christmas tree farm instead of home depot. Last year I worked really hard to persuade Bryce to get 1. a real tree and 2. a tree big enough requiring a tree stand. I let the battle end with getting a pre-cut tree (oh the horror!). My family always gets our tree from Pine Valley Farms the weekend following Thanksgiving. No trip complete without hot chocolate in the barn and fighting over what to name our tree (Yes, my family names our tree). This year Bryce was along for the ride to pick out our tree. Being the photographer (and Christmas fanatic) that I am, I planned out our Christmas card in October. I decided I wanted to take pictures at the farm (I mean can you get anymore festive than that?!) While setting up for our pictures (Read: decorating a tree) I had a couple people ask me what I was doing. I felt the tiniest bit silly explaining that I was setting up for our holiday photo. They didn’t understand in the slightest so I stopped explaining that I had this Christmas vision and continued to hang my ornaments on the tree. I overheard on lady say, “Look at her. She’s decorating her tree and she hasn’t even bought it yet.” Did I let my holiday spirit and creativity get out of hand? Maybe. But did I have the best merry time? Totally. If you are reading this and cringing at my over the top display of holiday-ness, its okay, to each their own. I love this season all the same regardless of what people think (Bryce has slowly come around).