Daly Family

When the Daly siblings approached me about doing pictures for their parents as a Christmas present, I couldn't say no! Especially when they said there would be two adorable 7 month mini golden-doodles running around! I've organized several family shoots of my siblings over the years to give to our parents as presents. Its always such a thoughtful and personal gift, especially as everyone gets older. I suggested the Howard County Nature Conservancy as the background for the pictures for two reasons. I knew it would be gorgeous, but it also allowed room for the dogs to romp! Bryce came along with me as my second shooter/dog wrangler extraordinaire. Thank goodness for him, because I had no idea what I would do if I had to hold the leashes and shoot the pictures (There's a pretty great picture of Bryce & Murphy as he tries to set up his camera and hold her leash!). As you can tell the Daly siblings are extremely photogenic and were such fun to shoot! Having the two dogs around certainly kept things lively and goofy. Also joining us was Steve, an honorary sibling-in-law and the other dog wrangler! I was able to get a few pictures of Meghan, Steve and their furry baby Fenwick as well!