A Yearly Wrap Up

2013- what a year you have been. I've reached outside my comfort zone, laughed (a lot), cried, crafted, took lots of pictures (especially of my cat) and been reminded what it means to live in the moment. It's so easy to get caught up in looking forward to the next big thing (the next party, the next photo shoot, anything) but, when we do that, we allow our current moment to be robbed of its full pleasure. I always feel like a year is a very long time, but it's not at all. I very distinctly remember getting ready for my last New Years Eve party (as I am again today) like it was yesterday. All the fun trips I took? Like they just happened (I swear I can still feel the fatigue from a huge hike in Acadia National Park this summer). On New Years Eve everyone starts to look ahead to the coming year but today instead of looking ahead (or even reminiscing too much) I'm going to be here, in just today. I'm getting coffee with a childhood friend and our moms, cleaning and putting away a week's worth of laundry (oops!), making pizza, and celebrating with dear friends. That seems like moments that I could spend plenty of time enjoying (well except the laundry, I hate putting away laundry).  I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine by Confucius, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."  So today, and everyday I wish you all the happiest of moments, not tomorrow, not the year, but happiness right now.