Ali & Hank

This weekend I traveled to the Eastern Shore to visit with a friend and her family. They had recently adopted the most adorable chocolate lab puppy I have ever seen. I kept seeing instagram pictures of the little love and couldn't wait to meet Hank!! As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE SNOW. Its so pure, beautiful and a great backdrop for pictures! Not to mention little doggies love to play in it! I grabbed my dear friend's sister and pulled her outside while we were trying to tire out the dogs (Hank is the puppy and Duke is the yellow lab). The camera seriously loves her! I couldn't take a bad picture. Every smile she gave me was absolutely genuine!! The wind was out of control and I was walking around in my boots with heels but we made it work! As for Hank, he's obviously extremely photogenic (when you can get him to sit still!) He is very much the typical puppy romping around and biting anything he can sink his little puppy teeth into. What fun I had today snapping pictures of these two cuties, enjoy!