Ciara & Blake | Couple

Despite the 15+ inches of snow on the ground (and the fact that Blake didn't even have boots!), this shoot was so fun! Many people don't feel comfortable in front of the camera (myself included). It takes the gentle guidance of a photographer to bring out the genuine smiles and ease a couple into their shoot. This was not the case with Ciara and Blake. They are every photographer's DREAM. Immediately, before I even gave them any posing tips, Ciara positioned herself at a great angle next to Blake, and locked eyes with the camera! I knew then, this shoot was going to be amazing (and so easy!!). Ciara wore the most gorgeous, red coat which really pulled together this belated-Valentines shoot! Part of what was so great with Ciara and Blake wasn't that they knew how to "work it" but that they were so in tune to one another. They just fit together so well. And those, smiles? Oh totally genuine and full of emotion. It was a real treat to get to shoot with them!! Hope you all had a happy Valentines day!