The Wedding Season is Upon Us....| Personal

This year I'm going to three weddings (as of now, who knows if there are more to come!), and I'm in two of them. This past weekend officially started off all the wedding events. A dear friend had her bridal shower! I had some time on my hands (Read: didn't want to study) and constructed some DIY decorations for her party! I was especially proud of the Instagram sign I made. I have been slowly teaching myself how vector programs work (I found a free one that isn't as fancy as Adobe's Illustrator program but it gets the job done). Friday night I decided to play around a little bit and see what I could come up with in terms of a little Instagram sign. I am so tickled that the couple wants to use it at their wedding too! The shower was fun (and those cupcakes were amazing!). I love getting together with different age groups and realizing that we aren't as different as I thought. The most fun gift of the shower, in my opinion, was a recipe for a cocktail and all the ingredients! Stay tuned for more wedding events as the year progresses, you know I'll have my camera close by!