Matt + Jacquie | Engagement

Last night (you read that right, I'm already blogging last night's photos-woo!) my shoot was at the Jerusalem Mills section of Gunpowder. I've never been there before so Bryce and I went early to scope out the area. It is absolutely gorgeous and I definitely want to go back! Except for one small, little detail: PHOTOGRAPHERS. Holy Moses! They were EVERYWHERE. No exaggeration, there were at least 20 photogs plus adorably dressed families and couples (we started counting people wearing red plaid too!) I can completely understand, as its amazing, but wow, I might not go on a Sunday evening again, its overwhelming. 

Anyways after that really long side story, let me introduce Matt & Jacquie (and their furry babies!) They are such a sweet and FUNNY couple. They were constantly making one another (and us) laugh! Doesn't Jacquie have a beautiful smile, and Matt's eyes are stunning! What a good looking couple. They are getting married next summer and I wish them all the best in the rest of their wedding preparations!