Mike + Emily | Engagement

This shoot is near and dear to my heart. Let me explain. Emily went to the same high school I did (although a year younger), and we knew a lot of the same people, so we "knew" one another in high school speak. Flash forward a couple of years, to my first Christmas party with some of Bryce's family. Emily and I realize we know one another, and start chatting. Turns out, she's Bryce's second cousin (her mom and Bryce's dad are cousins, so that makes second cousins right? so confusing)! All the grandparents thought this was so sweet, and we routinely are referred to as "The Emilys". Flash forward a couple more years, we both are engaged and in 2015 we will officially (I say officially, because from the beginning it felt like we were family) all be family! 
Now that I have gotten side tracked, let me introduce you to Mike & Emily. They met at Salisbury University and it was fate every since. Last month, after a trip to Ocean City for another friend's wedding, Mike proposed to Emily on a pier before coming home (I got a very emphatic text at 9am!) but still had one more trick up his sleeve. He had arranged with much of the family to be together for an engagement party later in the day! Enjoy the pictures from their engagement shoot at Centennial Park! Congrats guys, xoxo!