Chopped Thai Salad | A taste from the kitchen

I am an ambitious person by nature. I have always set high goals for myself; sometimes practical and sometimes not so practical. An example of my practical goals is meal planning. However, planning meals is a REALLY hard thing for me. I think its because I have no idea what I'll be in the mood for later in the week. What if I bought ingredients for chicken in the crock pot but I'm craving a grilled cheese? Okay that was a bad example because we ALWAYS have ingredients for grilled cheese. But you get my point. We tend to not buy a lot of food at once because we like to use fresh ingredients and if you don't use it quickly enough, it will go bad. There's nothing worse than the, "we have nothing to eat" thought after you check the fridge, especially when you realize you COULD have made guac like 4 days ago, but you didn't and now your avocados are wayyyyy bad (clearly this is a real life story and it has stayed with me). 

Anyways, I digress. 

We had Bryce's parents over for lunch yesterday and I made this chopped thai salad! Click here for the recipe.