K+C | Engagement

Do you ever feel like you've known someone for a long time, upon just meeting them? Only me? Well. I felt that way when I met Chris and Kelley for the first time over coffee. I had SO much fun then, just sitting in the coffee shop, that I knew we would have a blast at their engagement session. 
Their session was this past weekend. Following the week of non-stop rain. Kelley and I went back and forth looking at the weather. We eventually postponed to Sunday, and low and behold, no rain! 
They have a St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain mix, named Ted who was 100 lbs of cooped up energy. Oh my lord, Ted, you are naughty! He just made me giggle. (Look closely for a few photos where Ted is being a goofy pup!) 
We really had the best time at the Howard County Conservancy. I laughed. I laughed A LOT. Which was hard sometimes to snap the photo because I was shaking. 
Kelley and Chris are so sweet and relaxed, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year!