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Ring Shots | Best of 2016

Yesterday I did a post of my favorite blooms of 2016. Well today I'm sharing with you my favorite ring shots from 2016! 

If you can't tell, some of my favorite parts of a wedding are the details! 

2017 brides take note- a super cohesive wedding starts in the details. It helps tell the story of your day! 

And don't forget the ring box!! I loved the Mrs. Box Andrea had (first picture) although I may be a little biased because I have the same one! 

Before engagement pictures or your wedding day, make sure to get your ring cleaned right before so it sparkles! 

Bouquets, boutonniere and flowers! Oh my! | Best of 2016

What a fun post! I've seen lots of my photographer friends posting their behind the scenes from 2016. For whatever reason, we get caught up in shooting our subjects and always forget to get a couple behind the scenes  shots. 

So my 2016 round up is of my favorite flower shots! 


PS-2017 brides, I can't WAIT to see your florals!! The fastest way to a wedding photographer's heart is through florals and Chipotle.