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Shaun + Ann | Engaged

Undoubtedly, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged. OOPS. But I have to tell you guys, I was busy doing life. And sometimes blogging just doesn't fit into that. I always have these lofty goals that I'll work on my blogging, and I do great for about 2 months and then fall off hard. This time is no exception. I do promise some blog posts coming down the line soon! 

So lets start with Ann + Shaun! We did their engagement session at Freedom Park in Sykesville where Shaun proposed to Ann! And let me tell you about Ann. It is incredibly flattering as a photographer, to have a potential client chase you down for 2 years before her wedding date. She kept checking in to see if I was booking 2017 every couple of months. And where I was, their wedding was the first on our calendar! 

Ann has the sweetest smile, and Shaun is so gentle. I loved how they interact with each other. There's an ease about them. Comfort. It made for the most genuine engagement photos. 

I'm so looking forward to their wedding next May at the Baltimore Zoo (word on the street is there is going to be a penguin!) where once again the dream team comes together to produce another great wedding! Dream team? I mean of course, my best friend Caitlin, of Caitlin Krebs Events. 

C+A | Engaged

Oh guys! This post is so fun!! 

Courtney + Arek have the CUTEST proposal story. 

Arek just finished medical school, and his whole family flew in from California to celebrate. They all went out to dinner after graduation. Courtney was supposed to order red wine with dinner, which she always does, but this time she went for a mixed drink! Her drink came out but then a little while later another drink, red wine, came out. She was quite confused because she hadn't ordered it. Arek told her to take a closer look at the glass. Etched on it said, "Mrs. Hidirsah, it has a nice ring to it." And then she looked at her love, who had the most gorgeous ring in his hand! 

And as a special aside about her ring...Arek's family are jewelers and helped design Courtney's ring! The center stone is from his mom's favorite pair of diamond earrings. 

Courtney showed me some engagement photos she loved and they all had a similar, nature focused background. She quickly decided she wanted their session at the Howard County Conservancy! 

I surprised Courtney with a flower crown made with peony's to match her magenta dress! She wore it dancing in the field with her beloved. What a moment to witness! 

I can't wait for their southern California wedding next summer!

Enjoy this sweet, bohemian inspired, engagement session.