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Shaun + Ann | Engaged

Undoubtedly, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged. OOPS. But I have to tell you guys, I was busy doing life. And sometimes blogging just doesn't fit into that. I always have these lofty goals that I'll work on my blogging, and I do great for about 2 months and then fall off hard. This time is no exception. I do promise some blog posts coming down the line soon! 

So lets start with Ann + Shaun! We did their engagement session at Freedom Park in Sykesville where Shaun proposed to Ann! And let me tell you about Ann. It is incredibly flattering as a photographer, to have a potential client chase you down for 2 years before her wedding date. She kept checking in to see if I was booking 2017 every couple of months. And where I was, their wedding was the first on our calendar! 

Ann has the sweetest smile, and Shaun is so gentle. I loved how they interact with each other. There's an ease about them. Comfort. It made for the most genuine engagement photos. 

I'm so looking forward to their wedding next May at the Baltimore Zoo (word on the street is there is going to be a penguin!) where once again the dream team comes together to produce another great wedding! Dream team? I mean of course, my best friend Caitlin, of Caitlin Krebs Events. 

C+C | Married [Preview]

Yesterday, Christina + Cody got married in front of all their family and friends at the gorgeous Linganore Winery. There are so many gorgeous photos to go through, but I couldn't resist posting some of my absolute favorites! I stole them away for 5 minutes right after dinner, to capture some stunning photos at sunset. (PSA- photographers, DO ask your bride to run through the field overlooking a vineyard at sunset. It will be the best decision you ever made.) 

Congratulations Christina + Cody, we loved celebrating with you! 

Check back soon for the full post!

K+C | Married

"And her heart was the best part, it would always calm the storm for those who were afraid of a little rain." R.M. Drake

Kelley + Chris were married a day before their wedding invitation said they were going to tie the knot. There was rain. Lots of rain coming for Saturday. These two cuties said, let's just move the whole thing to Friday. This wedding worked because of their laid-back and easy-going demeanors. Plus we had a rocking team of vendors. Specifically, their wedding planner, Caitlin Krebs Events

It was so fun to be part of this wedding. They made us feel like family. I adore my couples, and I'm always sad after their wedding because I want to still work with them! (HINT: SIGN UP FOR AN ANNIVERSARY SESSION!) But really, I work with the most wonderful couples and this was no exception. 

Their wedding day was uniquely them. They DIY'd just about everything, including the venue itself! They were married on the family farm, but where the actual tent went was previously wooded. Chris and his family removed many trees, and planted grass to make the space for their party! You'll also see a couple of coffee influences...Chris sells the most amazing coffee (I got to snag a bag!) and they used it throughout as part of their decoration. 

Congratulations Kelley, Chris and Ted (Their adorable, hyper, and very large dog), wishing you all the best!