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Why You Need a Wedding Planner | Love Your Photographer

Dear Couples, 
Are you just starting the wedding planning process? (and oh what a process it is-former bride over here!!) 

Venue? Check
Florist? Check
Photographer? Check Check Check! 

But what about a wedding planner? 

You're thinking you don't need one right? Your cousin is going to help organize people for family portraits and your sister's boyfriend's youngest half-sister is going to keep the reception running on time. 

Stop yourself right there. 

Would you have a dentist color and cut your hair? A chef design your living room layout? 

Everyone has a specific skill set related to their job. Especially the vendors involved on your wedding day! 

I can't say enough about how much smoother weddings run for EVERYONE when a wedding planner is involved. It means I can come to them with questions and not you while you're trying to enjoy your party! It means your timeline is AWESOME and your day runs ON TIME. 

So often photographers get pulled in to keep the day running on time (which is important to be on time) BUT I want to be in my creative place so I can capture the best moments of your day. I really don't want to be shuffling your guests from cocktail hour into the reception and to please please please take their seats so we can get the first dances underway. I should instead be setting up my gear and positioning myself in the best spot to shoot your first dance as a married couple! 

Wedding planners help your vision come to reality, manage any surprise snafus and keep your day running on time! (I realize this is a SMALL sampling of ALL the tasks a wedding planner does, they do SO much more!).  

Let us each do our jobs, so you (and your family) get to enjoy every moment of your day and the time leading up to it! 

Myself with Caitlin Krebs of Caitlin Krebs Events at our first wedding together. Our second is this weekend! 

Your Photographer

The importance of printing pictures | Personal

It's extremely fortunate that we live in the technical era that we do. I'm amazed how easy it is to find out information about anything. Want to research your next computer option? 500 reviews in the time it takes to hit ENTER. Want to know more about the best kept secrets of Italy? Easy. 

As a digital photographer, I love that as fast as I can get my images edited, I can share them with a client. Sometimes when I'm really excited about a shoot I'll stay up really late and edit after the shoot so that when they wake up the next morning their pictures are waiting. (Read: I don't do this very often, and it's always a surprise to clients. I never tell them that's what the turn around is.) That's the passion I have for my work. I love every step of the process, and I get genuinely excited to hand over images! 

That being said, I believe the profession as a whole doesn't print their work enough. Clients don't print images enough. Anyone with an iphone certainly doesn't print. But why? Expense can't be a good enough reason. Costco sells 4x6 prints for 13 cents! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! SO cheap. (We can delve into the best printers another day) There is simply nothing like having an actual picture in your hand. Storing them in a box, framing them, or shoot even using them as a book mark. They serve as this wonderful reminder of the beauty all around us. Otherwise they stay trapped in a file on our computer, in albums on Facebook, or best as a background on our computer. 

I beg you. Print your pictures. They are little treasure boxes of memories.