Bryce's Birthday | Personal

Happy Birthday to the one whom I chose to do life with. 

As you wrote on my birthday card, for the first birthday we celebrated together, "You are half way to 40!" Well my eloquently spoken love, you are 3 years from  30! 
You must have noticed when you opened your present (sheets, because even though we have 3  sets, you really wanted the extra soft ones we saw at Target), that there was no card. This is your card. 


This word seems to make a occurrence quite frequently in the 5.5 years we have been together. Before we started dating, I knew, life with you would never be boring. It would be an adventure. We have since gone on countless adventures (to Wegmans on a Sunday morning-which might be the scariest of them all, to hikes up a 14'er in Colorado at which I cried when we got to the top-I swear it was just the lack of oxygen playing with my emotions, or the time in Yosemite when you asked me if I wanted to hike down the way we came or go another way, to which I replied, "Well does it keep going up, or does it come down?" You know how that went. OH and what about the Precipice hike in Acadia. I will say no more. You know what you did.)  

These BIG adventures are just a part of our daily adventures (Especially Wegmans.) When you proposed to me, one of the things you said, was that you wanted to go on adventures together, always. All our adventures start the same way, me waking up next to you (and usually grumbling for some coffee) and typically me asking what the weather will be so I can dress accordingly (also me usually refusing to wear my hiking boots if we are hiking, in favor of athletic shoes).  We gather up our cameras, maps (who am I kidding, you type some address into Google Maps and I'm supposed to navigate but I NEVER do-sorry about that) and off we go. 

"Oh darling, let's be adventurers." 

This quote has had a special place my heart, because I feel like it relates to us so well. 

You have made me an adventurer. Both by being in a relationship with you, and by dragging, I mean hiking with me up mountains. I love it all. Even when I don't (and by don't meaning I'm wildly throwing clothes out of my bag in the middle of the San Fran airport, rushing to make my bag 50 lbs, cursing you for having to bring so much gear, or when I have been duped into the most recent hike, that's "so not a big hike at all").

I love doing life with you, the whole damn adventure of it all. I love that your heart yearns for something bigger, something wilder, something mildly chaotic and most definitely exciting (and something that ideally contains doughnuts, because doughnuts.) 

Happy birthday to my always adventurous boy. May this year be full of adventures.