Abby | Senior Portraits

Long before I was a "photographer" my sisters were my subjects. I'm happy to report that they still trust me, although my work has grown greatly! My sister, Abby, is graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park in a few short weeks. Her next step is nursing school (A whole family of medical practitioners I tell ya) for which I know she will be just as successful, if not more. These are some of the images from her Senior Session!

Abby has a big heart which will translate well for all her future patients. I'm just glad she decided to go the route she did. When she was little she considered being a grocery store clerk. Not that this isn't an important profession, but Abby thought she got to keep all the money in her cash register. So had she gone the grocery store route, she maybe would have ended in jail. I DIGRESS. 

I'm so proud of all your hard work, Abs. It's certainly been a long 4 years. Nursing school will be hard too, but I know you are prepared for it! Enjoy this time, celebrate all your accomplishments! 

And remember...

"Oh the places you will go..."