A+M | Portrait Session

Do you see the family resemblance? All my siblings and I look very much alike (so much so that if you haven't seen us in years, you still know we must be related-strong genes I suppose).  Abby was on the blog a few weeks ago, and now it's Amanda's turn. Abby and Amanda used to be asked all the time if they were twins (close in age, and those strong family genes) but now I really think it's Amanda and I who look most alike. (We all are mismatched-I have dark hair and skin coloring like Abby, but facial features similar to Amanda. Abby and Mike have similar facial features but Amanda and Mike are the same coloring) 
OKAY-THAT WAS WAY TOO LONG WINDED. I got sidetracked. I write like I speak (my English teachers in school used to hate that, not formal enough) I DIGRESS AGAIN. 

SO. With much less explaining, Amanda and her sweetie are on the blog this beautiful summer morning! We took pictures at The Shrine of St. Anthony. The grounds of this Friary are beautiful. (So much so that we had hoped to have our wedding ceremony here, but alas they don't do weddings. Womp). It's easy to see why they wanted their pictures there. 
Fun was had by all. And the pictures, well I think you can tell these two are each other's lobster (Friends, anyone??). Also-the last picture showcases their personalities quite well. Mike just scooped Amanda up and I started snapping away. Not exactly art, but it was totally them.