J+M | Anniversary

"It's all messy. The hair. The bed. The words. The heart. Life..." William Leal

Marriage. Doing life together. 

Jared and Missy just celebrated their 1st Wedding Anniversary! I had the pleasure of knowing both of them back in college when they started dating, and what a wonderful thing it is to see them with their first year of marriage down!  

We chose Quiet Waters Park, in Annapolis, MD to set the stage for their photos. When we left home, it was super cloudy and had been ALL day long. Clouds aren't a bad thing, because it acts like a soft box with no harsh shadows. However, you don't get that amazing sunset! As we kept driving towards Annapolis, the clouds got less and less, until it was SUNNY! Not a single cloud. Man oh man did we luck out.

You can see from their photos, they are just as in love (if not more), than when they started dating. What a pleasure it was to work with you guys and capture this special time in your life! 

I wish you all the best, for the many many anniversaries to come!