N+J | Proposal

How do I even start this post. Its going to be long, so be forewarned. Let's just start at the beginning. 
I've known Natalie since I started PT school. Our friendship is one of those non-traditional ones, but lets just say I'm so thankful for how the stars aligned and that she is one of my most dear friends! 
At some point during school, she started "talking to" this guy who was in her class. That guy was Josh. Even in the early days, it was easy to see how smitten they were with one another. 
Fast forward a year, and they moved into a place right down the street from us. I was thrilled. Our Thursday night Grey's Anatomy dates could still continue! 
Fast forward a few months, and Natalie was telling me they had looked at rings. THIS WAS BIG. Being the photographer I am, I immediately reached out to Josh (without Natalie knowing) and said when the time comes, if its something he would want, I would be honored to shoot his proposal. 
Fast forward a few more months and I got a message from Josh asking me to go get Natalie's ring finger sized. I concocted this elaborate scheme to make that happen (something involving looking at rehearsal dinner dresses for  me and getting my ring cleaned).  I couldn't have her getting suspicious. 
Fast forward 2 more months, to about 2 weeks ago. I got a text from Josh saying, "Are you free next Friday or Saturday?" To which I replied, "IS THIS WHAT I THINK THIS IS??!!" And thus we started planning. 
Josh wanted to propose on Federal Hill in Baltimore. Their relationship started in Baltimore, so it was a perfect place to propose. The cover story was that Natalie was going to be my model as I took some more pictures of my portfolio and then we were going to do a girls dinner! Josh went out of town, conveniently to not get back until late after our pictures were done so she wouldn't suspect anything. 
Meanwhile, I had a card from him to give to her (at a specific time that he was to let me know), at which point he was to come out from where he was hiding and propose. It was really hard to stall, because I knew what was coming. The problem is Fed Hill is all open. Meaning I had no idea where he was hiding exactly, but I didn't want Natalie to accidentally see him before she was supposed to! So I kept checking my phone, and making her face the harbor (so her back was to the rest of Fed Hill) for some "wide dramatic shots". I think she got a little suspicious at that point. Finally I got the okay, and the rest is history.
The pictures speak for themselves (Can you figure out when she starts to put everything together and when she sees Josh?). It was a beautiful moment, and I'm so touched that I could be part of it. Natalie + Josh, I'm so thrilled for you, love you guys and I can't wait to watch you embark on this adventure together! Best wishes and many congratulations!!