Its been too long friends! | 1.5 months in review!

I'm terrible. I'm so sorry. Oh gosh. Its been FAR too long since I last posted. I don't even want to do the actual math. But to be fair there has been LOTS going on. So this blog post is going to update you all :) 

At the end of June I started my job as a physical therapist. Photography and physical therapy are both loves of mine and I enjoy working in two completely different fields! I took my boards at the end of April and found out I passed on Cinco de Mayo. WIN. The actual licensing process takes a while in Maryland so I didn't get started work until the end of June. 

The next weekend was 4th of July. Bryce and I went with his parents to the beach for a long weekend, which was exactly what we both needed at the time. Life had gotten very hectic, very fast (starting new job, running my photo business, planning our wedding and dealing with various other things). Not to say we don't love being busy, but 3 days to sit our tushies in the sand was perfection. 

Then really fast came my family's trip to Disney World! And what a whirlwind that was! M family flew in Thursday morning and were staying a week. Bryce and I flew in late Thursday night after work (actually got to the hotel about 1:45am!). Our flight got delayed quite a bit, but I didn't care because we were on our way to Disney World! I decided to get a coffee, knowing we had a long night ahead of us. In line, being the extrovert that I am, I struck up a conversation with the man ahead of me. Sweet as pie, he bought my coffee for me. Wow. Almost cried. So when I went to pick up my coffee (opposite side where you pay) I paid for the person behind me. Pay it forward.
Anyways, we got in super late (or early) slept maybe 1.5 hours, and then off to Animal Kingdom. We did the Safari ride which was SO FREAKING COOL!!! I loved taking pictures of the animals. If you didn't know better, you might have thought we were in Africa. Saturday we went to Magic Kingdom (where I rode Space Mountain FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!) and got Minnie Ears and I rode all my favorite rides. (BUT NOT SPLASH MOUNTAIN BECAUSE THAT ONE IS TOO SCARY) So I took pictures. Find my adorable momma as they come down the drop. Then, we went to dinner at Ohana's (SO AMAZING) and then did extra magic hours in Magic Kingdom. Side note: if I ever work in Disney it will absolutely be in Ye Old Christmas Shoppe. Because Christmas and Disney. Duh. Sunday we went to Epcot but started our day with a character breakfast in Magic Kingdom. Which my sister planned super early so we could get into the parks before everyone else got in, which is perfect picture taking opportunities in front of the castle. GENIUS. Epcot was fun, but we were starting to get tired. We were running low on sleep and had walked about 20 miles in the few days we were there. We flew out late that night after another delay (Orlando airport you are killing me). Finally made it into our beds at about 2am, just in time for work Monday morning! phew. I'm tired just reading all of it. (Also a few at the end are iPhone shots and poor quality but because you have to live in the moment who cares). ALSO FLORIDA HUMIDITY IN JULY.

BUT WAIT! There's more. BUSY I TOLD YOU. We move into the end of July and beginning of August and I have my bachelorette weekend! My lovely ladies kept it a total surprise from me (I knew dates but nothing else). They picked me up and gave me my first to sushi! We had an amazing dinner and then drove to our cottage on the water in St. Michaels! The next morning we we donned our cutest outfits, gold flash tats, a fantastic sash and off we went! We went wine tasting, then on a ferry ride. Lunch wasn't complete until we had awesome ice cream (whose place escapes me). Then another ferry ride and a nap. Yes a nap. I was tired from the sun, the mimosas and the wine tasting. Plus I woke up at 3am Friday morning because I was so darn excited!! The girls all wore black dresses and I wore a white one and my sash! Naturally, I planned out a photoshoot before dinner (and before the humidity got to the hair. Which speaking of hair, Rebecca is amazing and curled everyone's hair.). Dinner was fantastic pizza and lovely conversation. My girls asked me at one point what was my favorite thing, and it was just being with them. My oldest childhood friend flew in from LA for me, for this weekend. All my girls took a whole weekend off of life to be with me, plan endlessly and celebrate! Saturday night we played a game where I had to guess who gave me what wine (with instructions on when to open) and what lingerie! We finally crashed into bed and I was terribly sad to leave the next day. We stopped for breakfast and the ever crucial cup of coffee. Sunday night there were tears because it was all over but I can't wait until October. (Couple of iphone shots at the end. because live in the moment, don't stay behind the camera)

If you are still reading this, I am so impressed. Hope you enjoyed catching up on life with me! I promise not to wait so long next time!!