Home on Yesterday Lane | Design Inspiration

If you saw yesterday's blog post, you know that we are currently on a new adventure! Friday's are a new blog series that will outline the process of building our home, design inspiration (Hello Restoration Hardware on a Target budget)  and our eventual DIY projects down the road. 

I wanted to chronicle this adventure. Have it written down. One, because it's so personal to our story but also because so many people I know are starting to embark on many of these similar topics! We are by no means weekend warriors, but we are hoping to learn a thing or two along the way! Thank goodness for Pinterest! 

Today I'm going to share a little bit about our design inspiration. Colors, textures, what moves us. How we want to feel when we are home. Its funny, this process to clearly reminds me of how I go about taking a photo. I'm always asking myself what I'm trying to get across to viewers. This is really no different. 

Below are some color schemes we are in love with! Gray paint is my love language. And wide plank wood floors. That is all. 

(PS- none of these photos are mine. If you click on them they will take you to the original source.... just like Pinterest!)