The Selby Stories | 1st Edition

Just like Friday's post, today is another new blog series! It's called The Selby Stories. In an effort to better document our moments, I wanted to start a new, reoccurring post on Mondays. Monday's are a hard day for me. Its getting back into routine after having the flexibility of the week. I want this series to help make Mondays easier. I want to reflect on the silly, mundane, love, and adventures of the last week. 

This post dates back a little bit, but thats okay! 

Last weekend we met friends in DC for an amazing brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill. Bryce and I don't make it to DC very often but really enjoy being tourists in our own city. Unfortunately, try as we might, the metro schedules were not in our favor. I'm sure most of you who commute into/out of DC have this happen to you routinely so I really can't complain. But man, those 24min wait times between trains was not fun. 

After brunch, Bryce and I had a course on flash photography. Bryce gave this to me as a Christmas gift. We had hoped it would be more about cool off-camera flash set ups but it was more of a beginners class. Still, it was fun to hang out together and see our friends for brunch! 

In typical Selby luck, Bryce had a terrible fall on ice, Sunday. He's recovering from a bruised sacrum, so activities this week didn't happen. 

BUT SPRING IS COMING! How many of you are doing a little happy dance at the 60 degree days we are supposed to have this week?? Yay for open windows and longer days! 

This weekend was low key, which is our favorite kind of weekend. A stroll through downtown,  a long walk and an amazing engagement session for a June bride and groom! We were driving home last night with our bellies and hearts full, and started singing Goo Goo Dolls songs together. If you've ever seen Elizabethtown, you might remember Kirsten Dunst's character miming a camera and taking a picture of different moments. Last night driving home with Bryce, singing to my favorite band, I took a picture of that moment. It was beautiful.

Hope your Monday goes well!