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Why you should do a First Look | Bridal Advice

First Looks are something that have become more popular over the last couple of years. I always felt on the fence for my own wedding (in 2 months!) about doing one. I'm getting married in a big church and the walk down the aisle is going to be so magical. I love the idea of walking down and Bryce seeing me for the first time. But I eventually decided on doing a First Look. 


Your wedding day is as much about all your family and friends as its about you. For 99% of the day, you are surrounded by all these people who are so excited for you, to talk with you and give lots of hugs! Oddly, you get very little time with your new spouse.  A First Look gives you the opportunity to have 20-30min of time together, just the two of you, to take in the moment. I can guarantee, that emotion comes through the photos more than you think it will. It's incredibly touching. I cry at most First Looks. Just a little tear. I love it. 

There are other kinds of First Looks also. Recently I did a First Look with the bride's parents (individually), the bridesmaids and finally her groom. It was so fun to do this big reveal to all these important people. I know I'm doing one with my dad for our wedding. 

First Looks can take as little time or as much time as you would like. We can turn it into your portrait session, so I don't have to grab you later, or just a way to increase your bridal photos. 

Here are some recent "First Looks". Consider adding a first look to your wedding day timeline!